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having a flair for economicand accounting i have decided that i want a degree in accounting and finance or_ management. the manbrilliant representativeof the management communitaround the world have strengthened that resolve.

when i worked in mschool aa tutor of english aa second language for studentfrom a communitschool in muscat, i realized the importance of a strong leader who could organize, command respect, and be able to work well with others. these ideawere further enforced bmmonth long internship at novartipharmaceutical (accountand finance department and human resourcedepartment).

i attended the harvard model congresin pariand won the award of distinction. one skill in particular that contributed to thiaward wamconfident public speaking.

the last 4 monthhave been crucial in mlearning of real world businesand economics. for miextended essay, titled “to what extent doesubwain oman operate aan oligopoly”, i set out to prove the oligopolistic structure of the fast food market in oman. in thieffort, i have come acrosmanreal life complexitiein pricing behaviour, profit making and other aspectof the theorof the fir while attempting to explain these alternate theorieof firmi have developed a keen interest in analyzing and understanding how the world of businesworks.

after an undergraduate degree in accounting and finance or_ management i plan to go onto post graduate studieand work on an mba. a strong performance in a ba will allow me to move onto an mba and onlthen shall i be satisfied.

for the last four yeari have been part of our schoolvolleyball team ice. we have retained our isac (inter schoolactivitieconference, middle east) title for four years. playing in the power hitter(spiker) position requireimmense physical fitnesand to accomplish that i regularlgo to the gym for fitnestraining. i am also part of mschool track and field tea being the fastest sprinter in the school since 11th grade the 100m, 200m and 400m raceare mspecialteven though i still pursue long distance running. in mspare time i explore and master the computer ai am conversant with a visual basic programming course. it iimperative for me to have the latest hardware and software and i make it a point to install everything myself. i also learn urdu ait imnative tongue and a link to mculture, to maintain that icrucial.

living in a diverse international communitof over 52 nationalitiehaallowed to me recognize and appreciate different cultures. with the experience i have and the strong motivation to craft a bright future i feel i can justifmdecision to pursue a career in accounting and finance or_ management.


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applied program: advertising

among the 26 english alphabets, the one i like most ithe capitalized d because thialphabet, simple ait is, ithe most beautiful one. the two strokes, one vertical line and one curve, adumbrate two totalldivergent trajectorieaif serving aconstant indicator of the psyche of the professionalin the advertising industry: to travel from one point to another, there ian infinite number of routeto choose; but ultimatelspeaking, there are onltwo routes: one ialong a straight line, the other along a curve. while the general public maopt for the first, advertising professionalshould decide on the second. a curved trajectormawell enable one to expand hihorizon, enrich hiexperience of life, and cultivate hicapabilitfor excellent interpersonal exchange and communication. i maintain the conviction that the longer the journeof life that one travels, the richer the experience one can derive from life and hence the greater the noveltthat he can create out of the apparentlcommonplace.

in 1998, i entered xx universitwith remarkable performance at the national college entrance examination (among the top 10 percent of the participantmajoring in humanitiedisciplines). during the first year of mundergraduate studies, i majored in international law but it immediateldawned on me that i wanot meant for studiein thifield and mreal interest lied in advertising. therefore, with extra efforti audited all the major coursein advertising and in the second year, with a solid command of all the theoretical knowledge of the basic courses, i transferred to advertising speciality. once i embarked on studying what reallinterested me, i made rapid progresand mgpa reached 3.5 (among the top three for 26 studentof mclass). in addition, i achieved the highest score of the clasin four most important coursein the field: historof chinese and foreign advertising, principleof advertising, advertisement planning, and mascommunication.

ai delved deeper into msubject, i came to acquire an increasinglprofound understanding of the nature of advertising. aa matter of fact, advertising ian art of persuasion, concerned with how the advertiser can influence the behavior and value orientation of the general public with hiindividuallunique mentalitand perspective. it ian integral branch of mascommunication, inextricablintertwined with both art and economics. at the same time, it requirea framework of scientific management. in the course of mstudies, i learned to exploit another form of language, madvertising designs, to conduct dialoguewith maudience and to convethrough those work mideaand perceptionin order to achieve the objective of affecting the recipientpsychologand conduct and realizing the value of communication. but i ventured beyond the mere designing of individual advertisements. i also attempted at a serieof coordination work that included the planning, execution, solution and effect of advertising. thiproceshelped me to perfect mframework of theoretical conceptionconcerning such notionapersonal communication, interpersonal communication and mascommunication. i immersed myself in a wide varietof advertising courses. bstudying advertising, i could feel the joof thinking and the charm of knowledge.

advertising ian art more to be practiced than theorized. for mextra-curricular practice, i worked part-time for the wuhan silver-horse advertising corporation, an advertising agencwhich enjoyverprestigioureputation in and around wuhan. after being subjected to the most rigorouscreening test, i warecruited aone of the five undergraduate studentfrom muniversitand worked on several projectunder the direct leadership of the chief supervisor of the planning department. on account of mdistinctive notion and original creativity, mdesign for an advertisement for an automobile maintenance center waadopted, a fact which adequatelevincemprofessional qualitieand tremendoupotential. later, with strong recommendationfrom mteacher, i worked at a medium-size advertising companin beijing, responsible for the advertising agent businesin the magazine global weekly. with the companysupport, i participated in a number of designing contestranging from the 10th golden calf advertising contest sponsored bthe taiwanchina times, the 2nd academadvertising competition sponsored bchina advertising association to the annual cac public welfare advertising competition sponsored bthe publishing house of international advertising magazine. mparticipation in those eventnot onlbrought me important awardbut also enabled me to derive much professional knowledge from the exchange and cooperation with other staff, apart from enhancing mhands-on abilitand practical problem-solving skills.

i took part consecutivelin two authoritative competitionfor young advertisers, which aroused mattention to the discrepanciein the advertising level and the advertising consciousnesbetween taiwan and mainland china awell athe disparitin the advertising management. in order to call the seriouattention of chinaadvertising industrto those problems, i published a full-length academic paper entitled on the eve of wto accession: a perspective on the present conditionof advertising management on mainland china on the website of china advertising communication and research (thiwebsite ilaunched bxiamen university, the first universitin china to have established an advertising department and which enjoya verhigh academic prestige).

historicallspeaking, chinaadvertising industrcan onlbe described aunderdeveloped compared with that of the advanced western countries. although chinaadvertising industriachieving remarkable development around the turn of the century, challengeand obstacleare equallserious. for instance, the relationship between the client, the media and the advertising companhanot been properlestablished. the advertising agent system and the relevant legal regulationof advertising are not fulldeveloped. the awarenesof self-discipline iweak within thiprofession and a sound system of social supervision over unlawful advertising practiceilacking.

with chinaimmediate accession into wto, chinaoverall advertising industrwill face severe challengepresented bmajor international advertising agencies. on the other hand, chinapromisea bright and alluring prospect in advertising industrachina hathe largest advertising market among the developing countries. the profit of the advertising industrmaintainan annual growth rate of 39.73. such a growth momentum isufficient to indicate the tremendoudimension and the exciting prospect of chinafuture advertising industry. thisituation necessarilcallfor the emergence of a large number of highlqualified advertising professionals, especiallthose who can incorporate both their intimate knowledge of chinadomestic advertising market and international advertising background.

it ipreciselagainst thibackdrop that i, equipped with a solid groundwork (at once theoretical and empirical) in the field of advertising acquired from mundergraduate education, wish to applfor a graduate progra mmotivation ifairlsimple: onlthe united states, a countrwith the most unparalleled development in advertising industrand the most prestigiouinstitutionof higher learning in mascommunication of which advertising ia part, can offer the necessarenvironment in which i can mature toward mprofessional goals.

now that i have charted mcourse of action, i am on the verge of proceeding from one point of mlife to another point. to return to mmetaphor of the alphabet d, i have decided to relinquish the effortlesstraight line in favor of the beautiful curve, for i believe that whatever the turnand twistalongside it, it will ultimatellead to mprescribed ideal. the profound truth inherent in it haalreadbeen given the most poetical pronunciation bthe poet robert frost at the conclusion of hithe road not taken: two roaddiverged in the wood, and i - / i took the one lestraveled b/ and that hamade all the difference.



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i have alwayhad a great interest in science and mathematicbecause of the impactthat both of these have on our daillives. i have become fascinated bpharmacaa career because it bringtogether chemistrand mathand directleffecton the liveof people in the community. pharmacistare now more activelinvolved with the patientand have become more accessible to the communitand i am looking forward to the challenge of career that involvelife long learning.

i have learnt valuable skillin the subjecti have taken which will be beneficial to a career in pharmacy.

in chemistry, i have learnt an important skill in producing written and illustrated resultfrom experiments. from thii am able to evaluate and modifthese results. i enjothe application of logical scientific thinking and knowledge of natural lawto analyse and solve problemoccurring in pharmacy. the practical side of chemistrinvolving laboratorwork wammain interest in thisubject and would like to continue thiwork in helping others.

aa pharmacist, you do require some skillin maths. with knowledge of mathematici can analyse and solve problemand gained the skill of producing written and illustrated resultfor a mathematical proble with maths, i am able to calculate the accurate dosage of the drug which irequired for the patient in relation to hospital pharmacy.

i can bring skillfrom computing that can directlrelate to a career in pharmacy. a main skill developed iproducing an analysiof a problem that can help in research work. coursework in computing haenabled me to tackle complex subjectsuch abuilding a system via computer programming, i am confident thiwill be useful in a pharmacdegree.

i have pursued manactivitiethat have given me experience in thifield of study. i have encountered independent voluntarwork for local pharmacbranch located in stretford. from this, i have learnt the insight of being a communitpharmacist and dealing with prescriptions, which will prove valuable in the future.

i have advanced in mcommunication skillfrom part-time employment at sport world international at trafford park. thihagiven me the opportunitto use minitiative and enabled me to interact with varioukindof situationwith different people such adealing with the consumer’problems. thihahelped me gain responsibility, which i know will be required in the career of pharmacy.

with mstudieaside, i have a passion for cricket and football. mfavourite pastimeinvolveplaying cricket and listening to music of all genres. mongoing hobbieinclude squash, snooker, gym and travelling when and wherever possible. i enjogoing to the gym which help improvemself-esteem and motivateme in doing mwork. believing in yourself can help to establish your thoughtin a confident way.

at university, i would like to contribute to universitlife, athiwill be a new experience and i will look forward to meeting new people. i am a reliable, determined and enthusiastic person who will relish the opportunitto studpharmacif i am given the opportunity.