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aa doctor on the formidable plateau in china’qinghai province, i have been hankering for graduate studiefor almost ten years. the wish hahad to be buried until now because i, athe oldest child of poor family, needed to work, and work hard, to put mbrother and sister through all their education. with mdutieof the first born finalldischarged, i would now like to start pursuing mown dream, a big part of which ito obtain a ph. d. degree in a qualitmedical school in the united states.

born into a small village in the mountainouguizhou province, i went to the lanzhou medical university, the leading medical school in the country’northwest, on the strength of moutstanding scorein the 1984 national universitentrance examinations. to build up a solid foundation for mcareer, i concentrated mstudieon the courseof mmajor, achieving an academic record that waone of the best in the universitat the time. mgpa ranked me among the top five per cent of the 350 studentin mgrade in the first three yearand the top two per cent in the last two years.

mstrong academic performance won me honorand scholarshipeveryear during the five yearof mundergraduate studies. these included the excellent undergraduate scholarship, awarded to onlthree of the university’10,000 studenta year. compassionate and responsible, i waelected the monitor of mclass, which made me a leader to some thirtstudents. in recognition of mtremendouhelp to mclassmatein their studieand everydalife, the universitnamed me the excellent student cadre in 1985, 1987 and 1988, respectively.

unique among mclassmates, i started to enjosubstantial laexperience in msecond year, thankto the opportunitthat professor li bestowed on me in appreciation of macademic strengths. he inducted me into the magical filed of experiment physiologmmaking me part of hiresearch team, in which i found i wathe onlundergraduate. working under professor li’guidance, i not onlenjoyed the laexperimentation thoroughlbut also learned to think and solve problemindependently.

to top off mfruitful undergraduate studies, i won an offer of acceptance into graduate studieat the same universitwithout the normallmandatoradmission exams. but i turned down the offer, upon agonizing consideration of moptions. mfamily, still stricken with poverty, had had a hard time coping with muniversiteducation. ambrother and sister grew up, the cost of their education waexploding. it fell on me, the eldest child of the family, to take charge of the familfinances. in a familspirit that dateback agein china, i gave up mchance of graduate studiein favor of a jothat could immediatelhelp me pathe bills.

the choice did, however, turn out to be the right one even from a professional perspective, ait allowed to acquire rich and colorful hands-on experience, with which i have not onlenhanced mprofessional expertise continuouslbut also built up a solid foundation for advanced studies. in the nine yearsince mgraduation, i have matured aa clinical doctor and a medical researcher. after joining the department of ophthalmologat lanzhou railwahospital in 1989 upon mgraduation, mcareer advanced at a steadpace. after finishing up the required basic training for a clinical physician in the first year, i served aa resident doctor between 1990 and 1992. in these two years, i learned to deal with common eye-diseaseand other frequentloccurring illnesses. i also handled a number of serioudiseaseand conducted quite some basic operations.

during thiperiod, i became a profuse medical writer in order to synthesize mclinical practice. i wrote a clinical analysiof dioptric situation in the patientwith senile cataract, which walater rated aa first-grade article at the qinghai province’annual medical symposiu another article, a clinical observation of treating optic atrophwith composite citicoline, received a first-grade rating at the annual symposium in our hospital.

to further tap mprofessional talent, the hospital sent me to undertake special studieand research at the tianjing hospital of ophthalmology, one of the best of itkind in the country, for a period of two years. here, i not onlacquired a more solid grounding in medical theoriebut also perfected msurgical skills. i did research on the use of perfluorocarbon liquid in complicated retinal detachment surgery, and found that exposure to perfluorocarbon liquidhademonstrated an effect to improve the anatomic and visual outcome for complicated retinal detachment.

encouraged bthe praise other medical professionalheaped on me for mresearch, i still wrote a thesichangein the blood rheology, thromboxane and prostaglandin in the blood of patientwith primarangle-closure glaucoma, published in the journal of ophthalmology. at thitianjin hospital, i took part in mancomplicated operations, such acataract extraction and intraocular lenimplantation after vitrectomy, micro-vitreoretinal surgerand silicone oil for treatment of perforating injuriewith retinal detachments, and others.

after returning in 1994 to mown hospital, i waquicklpromoted. named a leading doctor, i have taken charge of the treatment of some seriouand complex diseases. over the last few years, i have performed mancomplicated operations, including the primarposterior chamber intraocular lenimplantation of posterior capsular rupture with cataract extracted bphacoemulsification and the foldable intraocular lenimplantation through a small clear corneal incision, and others. mresponsibilitiealso include teaching theoretical courseto internand other resident doctors, and supervising them in the performance of operations.

in mpractice of the last few years, i have developed a strong interest in pathologand physiology. to keep myself abreast of the latest developmentin thifiled, i subscribed to basic medical scienceand clinics, chinese journal of pathophysiology, chinese journal of clinical and experimental pathology, foreign medical sciences, and manother professional journals. with mextensive reading in thifield, i believe that thidiscipline iboth the basiand the crux of clinical medicine. aa clinical doctor, i need to not onllearn it but also learn it well so that i can keep scaling higher professional heightin mpractice. hence mdecision to go back t school.

going back to school meanthat i have to put mcareer in the hospital on hold for a while, but i believe that menhanced expertise will more than compensate for anlapse in mpractice now. manof mfriendobject to mdecision, pointing out that i am alreadan established physician enjoying good professional statuand handsome monetarbenefitin china. but i feel that i now must pursue mcareer in accordance with mpersonal interest, which i take to be a driving force behind anreal professional success. once i get to arm myself with more advanced theoretical frameworkand clinical techniques, i should be able to enjoeven more professional respect and financial benefitthan i am getting now.

with mfamilout of the wood now in financial matters, i must seize the chance t upgrade myself. studiein your program will not onlcatapult me into a higher domain in mprofessional practice but also give me the rare chance to pursue mcareer according to mown academic interest. i am sure that, with such studies, mintellectual proweswill be better taken advantage of to the benefit of manpatients.


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when china, mmotherland, imentioned anywhere in the world, people will naturallawaken association with the exquisite and beautiful chinaware made in china, the countrthat enjoya historof porcelain production one thousand yearearlier than other countrieand a reputation for her elevated art and remarkable craftsmanship. european people attempted at ancost to acquire the technologof porcelain making and at last achieved the satisfaction of thigoal from a priest named francois-xavier d’entrecolles, thuthe present varietand brilliance of chinaware in both china and the west. nevertheless, in an era of electronicand information today, china hafell far behind the advanced countriein the field of information materialscience and engineering, in itresearch and application awell. aa graduate majored in physicand technologof electronic thin films, i am eager to trace the footprintof francois-xavier d’entrecolleso ato bring the advanced technologof material engineering to china bmeanof studying in your prestigiouuniversitfor ph.d. program in the area of material engineering, realizing mdream of being a useful scholar to mmotherland.

universitof xx ia world-famouuniversitand especiallwell-known for her intellectual strength in the area of material engineering with her irresistible magnetic power pulling excellent studentfrom all over the world to her. therefore i justifclear realization of the sharp competition i am confronted with. but with a fine background of education in specialty, a firm foundation in theoretical study, the practical skill in experiment, and the cultured abilitto engage myself in independent research work, i have the confidence to meet the challenge from other rival applicants.

in universitof xx of china, which enrollbrilliant studentfrom variouareain china with her strength in the area of material science, i accomplished mundergraduate studin the specialtof magnetic materialand componentand mgraduate studin physicand technologof electronic thin films, in the period of which i kept to be the top student in mclasand waawarded the school fellowship everyear. i waelected “graduate with merit” of muniversitupon graduation.

benefiting from the strict training in muniversity, i gained fair acquaintance with the knowledge and theoriein mspecialty. meanwhile, i read varioujournaland magazineat home and abroad, following the footstepof the development of new theorieand technology. i tried mbest to participate in possible experimental work and research work, cultivate mskillin the use, maintenance, and modification of vacuum-evaporation equipment and pulse-laser- deposition equipment, and attend academic workshopand symposiums. the modulation rate of the bst voltage controlled thin film variable capacitor i produced reachethe level of 80%, approximate to the highest level in record so far.

machievement wahighlappreciated brelevant scholarand specialistand i have been invited to participate in variouprogramexperiments. aa result of mpersistent effort, i have published “bst voltage controlled microwave electronic components” and “sto pulse-laser-deposition growth of thin film” respectivelon such kernel academic journalaxx in china, the former article being praised brelevant specialista“assuming the function of guidance to the application research on bst thin film in china.”

based upon the confidence of mtheoretical background and research capacity, i chose the topic “production of high-frequenccomposite” for mbachelor’thesis. on the basiof extensive collection and absorbing of the recent information on magnetic materialand components, i decided to do mresearch on the project of compounding co2z material bapplying y2o3 and sr2+ and adopting pre-processing technology, in addition to the control of working procedure and temperature point. in consequence, the improvement of magnetic propertof the material. in the oral defense of mthesis, the present specialistconcluded that the research, measuring high academic significance, wanovel in topic selection, logical in argument, and creative in idea. mbachelor’thesiwachosen a“excellent thesis” of the universitthrough critical assessment.

at present, i am buswith mmaster’thesi“au/bst/ybco ferro-electro thin film voltage controlled components.” there exista great difference between china and western countriein experimental conditionwith regard to bst thin film materialand we cannot produce desirable microwave componentwith available referencenowadays. but the rmon the surface of the bst thin film i designed and produced iof merelseveral angstrom, the modulation rate 80%, and the power los4‰, which satisfiethe need of microwave component production. thiachievement iat forefront in china at present.

during thiperiod of studand research, i have deeplfelt that mcountrfallfar behind the advanced countriein the area of materialscience and an intense need to studthe advanced theorieand technologin the fullest enforced academic institute. thui select_ universitof xx where i believe i can realize mdrea in addition to the unparalleled strength in the area of materialscience and technology, universitof xx boastthe international background with scholarand studentfrom different regionall over the world, the congenial atmosphere of academic research, and the systematic cultivation of creativitin her students. i am eager to enjoan opportunitto enrich myself from thivaluable academic nutrition and at the same time i hope, on the premise of the improvement of mtheoretical construction and of mexperimental capacity, to give full plato minitiative and potential strength and in thiwato contribute mintelligence to universitof xx -+in the participation in relevant research projects.



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it walate in the evening when i received msistercall. she sobbed uncontrollably. i pressed mphone firmlagainst mear, but i could barelmake out her words. i offered wordof comfort and waited patientlfor her crieto subside. there waa brief moment of silence before she spoke again. composed, she repeated herself slowly, her wordtrembling with fear. tearrolled down mcheekai began to grasp the magnitude of her unexpected call�myounger sister wapregnant at 16.

msisterpregnancdefied the strict nigerian principleupon which we had been raised. though there wano explicit mention of premarital sex within our family, there waan unspoken understanding that it wataboo. mfamiland i did not openldiscussexual issues; msisterand i were forced to explore thitopic on our own. consequently, when i received the newof msisterpregnancy, i wacompleteloverwhelmed ba feeling a guilt. i had failed to speak; i had failed to be a source of support during her time of sexual development and curiosity.

aa human science major, i have alwayhad an interest in health care and the natural sciences. mcoursework haallowed me to develop a keen understanding of how disturbancein biological systemcan influence onehealth. however, i have never fullappreciated the concept of social and environmental influenceon health until msisterpregnancy. i began to further explore thiconcept in the fall of mjunior year during professor xxhealth promotion/disease prevention course, and it wahere that i waintroduced to the field of public health. the course required uto perform a needassessment of the student population based on self-reported health behavior data, and to propose a health promotion program that would successfulltarget these needs. i waable to applthe principleof the social and behavioral scienceto design a stresreduction progra although program development isimplone component of public health practice, thirequirement of the course sparked minterest in the field.

i am most interested in adolescent sexual and reproductive health, including hiv/aids. i want to be an outlet for youth who macome from familsituationlike mown. i believe that it iimportant for adolescentto be in a supportive environment where thefeel comfortable asking questionrelated to sexual issues. i hope to empower adolescentthrough knowledge so that thecan make responsible sexual health decisions. far too manyouth are unaware of the consequencethat arise from risksexual practices, aevidenced bthe current hiv/aidepidemic among the youth population. mansexual health programare ineffective.

consequently, for msenior independent research project, i chose to explore the specific implementation methodof successful comprehensive sex and std/hiv education programs. mresearch walargelinfluenced bmexperience with the dc std school-based screening progra while volunteering with the program, i had the opportunitto speak with manstudentabout their sexual health practices, and i wadisappointed to learn of the lack of preventive measureused among the student population. though the screening program includea sexual health presentation, thiinot enough to encourage behavior change among students. i felt compelled to act.

in response, i helped organize a sexual health workshop for the youth of the xxx program, a mentorship program for vulnerable youth in the d.c. community. the workshop included games, group discussionand role playing scenarios. the activitiewere designed to provide the youth with a greater understanding of sexual health and the consequencethat maarise from risksexual practices. thewere exposed to real life situationthat called for the knowledge of preventive methods.

mresearch, internship and communitinvolvement activitiehave confirmed mdesire to continue along the academic path. through a masterof public health program, i hope to gain a comprehensive understanding of public health research and practice. i am especialldriven to explore the social determinantof sexual and reproductive health, particularlwhracial and ethnic minoritieare disproportionatelaffected bnegative health outcomes. i am confident of contributing originallto the ongoing work xxx.

in addition, the interdisciplinarnature of the communithealth and prevention department at xxx appealto me. likewise, i am drawn to xxx because of itstrong emphasion communitbased learning. i am excited at the opportunitto translate classroom knowledge into practical field experience. i am confident that your program will enable me to develop the knowledge and skillnecessarto successfulldesign, implement and evaluate sexual health prevention programwhich target minorityouth populations. i believe that i am a student with the intellectual capacitand the passion and commitment to excel at your progra i feel that graduate studat xxx will be the most logical extension of macademic pursuitand a major step towardachieving mobjectives.