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i will never forget mexperience of working alongside doctorto fight against the horrible disease, sars, in china in 2003. thiwork taught me the great impact of disease control and prevention and motivated me to applfor the biostatisticprogram at yale university, with the ultimate career goal of becoming an influential professional or_ researcher in the field. i firmlbelieve that mconstant thirst for knowledge, high regard for the work in the biomedical and public health fields, and mcourageousneswill drive mgraduate studieand help me achieve personal and professional success.

i first became interested in biostatisticwhen the sarepidemic breakout in china in 2003. aa member of the universitred crosassociation, i waresponsible for assisting the universithospital to publicize disease prevention methods, distribute medicine, and complete health surveys. i learned from that procesthe value of survedatein supplying useful strategiefor disease prediction, prevention and control. afterward, when i served avice president of the student union, i organized an introductorlecture and health surveabout hereditardisease for the local community. i trulenjoyed these voluntarpublic health services, ai waable to use mknowledge to enhance the qualitof life for mfellow man. these achievementgave me the determination to fulldevote myself to public health serviceand global health care development.

macademic training to thipoint haprovided me with a wide range of general knowledge and skillrelated to the biological sciences. thitraining ian excellent first step in preparing for the professional career that i desire. aan undergraduate student in bioengineering at xx university, i acquired a solid foundation in the theoretical conceptassociated with genetics, molecular biology, immunology, and biochemistry. i also gained knowledge in the several areaof industrial significance, including bio-products, fermentation, and biotechnology. in addition to the comprehensive studiein mmajor field, i received awell extensive training in mathematicand computer science, both of which were of great benefit to mstudof biostatistics, an important area in variouindustrial and scientific research efforts. for example, ai learned during msummer internship aan assistant researcher at the xx pharmaceutical companin 200x, biostatistichaa vital role in the development and marketing of new medicines, in the control of the qualitof products, and in the tracking of consumer trends, attitudeand purchases. i have also worked aan undergraduate research assistant for a map-based cloning project in the xx biologcenter, where i used statistical methodto develop ww genetic markerand to calculate the probabilitieof recombination. these hands-on training activitiegave me a clearer understanding of and a deeper insight into the biostatisticof biological and clinical problems.

i look forward to furthering mknowledge of biostaticat yale university. indeed, i believe that yale’dynamic environment coupled with the emphasiplaced on both statistictheorand real-life biological issuein the biostaticprogram will prepare me well to stand out in future competition. therefore, mwell considered decision to choose your program will certainlhelp me realize mdreams. i am confident that with yale’beneficial guidance and training, i will be well on the wato becoming a noted professional in the area of public health.


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when i wadoing internship at the renowned xx cosmeticco. ltd, i wadeeplimpressed bthe motto from xx, the founder of the company—“believe in miracle and miracle will indeed happen.” at one point during mundergraduate education i waverfrustrated because i found that, due to the lack of effective methodologof numerical analysis, the teaching and the research of economicin china lagfar behind the international standard arepresented bthe developed countrieof the west. aa result, even though i am one of the top studentfrom the xx universitof finance and economics, i find it difficult for me to reallenter the true realm of economicstudy. instead of dealing a heavblow on me, thidiscovermotivated me to maximize meffortin the studof mathematicand to applfor an advanced degree program in statisticat your well-respected universitafter having completed mundergraduate progra it imconviction that, along ai have sufficient confidence myself and make sufficient efforts, i am bound to accomplish some form of achievementin the field of statisticand make due contributionto the development of quantitative research in economicin the chinese academia. miracle will indeed happen.

i specialized in accounting at the accounting college of xx universitof finance and economics. an undergraduate education in the specialtof accounting coverknowledge in a wide range of fields—economics, management science, mathematics, statistics, and even sociology. while providing me with a solid academic foundation, thieducation haenabled me to ferret out the areathat can reallcapture minterest. i have cherished a strong interest in mathematicsince the primarschool and developed mtalentall the wathrough mmiddle and high school. but it ionlthrough mundergraduate studthat i have come to realize the vital importance of mathematical approacheto the studof economics. thiverrealization hafurther reinforced mdetermination to choose the career of an applied statistician in the future. toward such an objective, i have devoted special effortto the studof mathematicand statistics. apart from intensive work in such compulsorcourseacalculus, linear algebra, theorof probability, statistics, and mathematical statistics, i have also attended a serieof important optional courseincluding operational research, game theorof economics, sampling investigation and made full use of mspare time to learn the knowledge of statisticamuch apossible.

mundergraduate education should be described averrewarding and fruitful. for the past three consecutive years, i have maintained top ranking in mclasand for two consecutive yeari wagiven the “outstanding student” award, winning level-a scholarships. i have demonstrated special aptitudein mathematicand in english. mnatural talentin mathematicand mdedicated effortto mathematiccoursework have led mgpa in all the mathematiccourseto reach 3.9, far exceeding the level of average students. in termof english language, i have also been well above average. in the first semester in 1999 i won the first prize at the “freshmen cup” english listen comprehension contest and in 2001 i won the first prize in the english contest for college studentin china, the third prize at the oral english contest in xx province. even though i have assumed variouresponsibilitiefor extracurricular activitieof several student organizations, i have still managed to perform well academically, a fact that should be attributed to mextra diligence, productive studmethods, and effective allocation of mtime and energy. from the veroutset of mundergraduate career, i made up mmind to fullexploit all the available resourceof muniversitto achieve comprehensive self-development and what i have achieved adequateltestifieto the rewarding undergraduate life i have been living.

aa science that trieto discover inherent quantitative relationshipamong different data and make rational statistical inferencebapplying relevant theorieand methodologies, statistichabeen widelapplied in the modern society, itimpact penetrating into almost all fieldof physical and social sciences. with china’reform toward the market economand itaccession into the wto, statisticibecoming increasinglimportant in china’economic life. the fact that the subject i am interested in will enjoa broad prospect of application in china makeme verexcited and confident concerning mfuture studand career. in mproposed program, i will first trto consolidate mfoundation in statisticand then narrow down minterestto focuon time serieanalysiand statistic inference.

i believe that to make rational inferenceione of the major functionof statistics. in mancases, pure statistical modelor_ time seriemodelcan make more precise inferenceand predictionthan theoretical modelof economics. the dilemma faced bmodern economicin making predictionione of the important reasonfor me to choose statisticover economicathe area of mconcentration. aan important aspect of statistical studand research, i will trto master one or_ two advanced statistical software such agausand tsp. in addition, if possible, i wish to be a member of the research group of mfuture advisor under whose direction i can work on a full-length research project. it iequalldesirable for me to do extensive internship at a specific government organization or_ a local enterprise so that i can applmknowledge of statisticand test itefficacy.

apart from the sound undergraduate education that i have received, together with mspecial achievementin mathematicand english, mcreativity, perseverance, and mgood logical thinking are three major factorof mimplicit confidence in mfuture performance, just athehave contributed to mdistinguished performance in the past over most of mpeers. meanwhile, i am also verproud of mpast extracurricular performance, which haconsiderablimproved mpractical abilitiebeyond the mere coursework, like teamwork, organization and interpersonal communication. i served astudent leader in the studentunion, editor of the universitstudent newspaper, member of accounting studgroup and youth volunteer association. in 2003, i worked part-time abeautconsultant at the renowned american xx cosmeticcompany. an important experience directlrelated to mspecialtithe internship i did in 2003 at the statistical bureau of xx citduring which i worked on a city-wide population sampling investigation, collecting and analyzing data and accumulating much practical statistical experience.

i prioritize on xx universitathe school for mmaster’program in statisticbecause a careful studof your esteemed universitshowme that it ia world famouuniversitwith a long academic tradition. in termof the teaching and research of statistics, it playa leading role not onlin american but also in international academia. naturallit becomemideal choice. aa student of accounting i have built up a sufficient foundation in statisticand mathematicrequisite for a graduate program in statistics. therefore, i sincerelwish that mapplication could be seriouslconsidered.



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mcareer goal ito ultimatelbecome a qualified environmental engineer who workacrosacademia and industry. bconducting studiein the laboratorand taking on real-world obstaclein the industry, i hope i will both advance world’research on environmental topicand advise non-government organizationon conforming to regulationto prevent mishapawell aimplementing waste treatment systems. finalli hope mwork will increase society’awareneson local and worldwide environment issues, such adestructive acid rainor_ global warming.

i believe the most ideal wato accomplish mcareer goal ito first pursue a master’degree in environmental engineering, where i will develop more in-depth knowledge and understanding on environmental challengewe are facing nowadays, the most accurate scientific interpretation of how those challengebecome present, and the most advanced remedying techniques.

after completing mmaster’program, i would like to continue meducation and obtain a ph.d. in environmental engineering since issuein thifield are so complicated that different problemconstantloccur and even attemptto solve problemmacause new troubles. i also believe engaging in advanced research will better train myself for future career. i am mostlinterested in the treatment and control of hazardousubstance and solid waste. mother research interestinclude remediation of contaminated soiland sediments, phytoremediation, and bioremediation.

mresearch intereststem from the two projecti participated during the second and third year in mundergraduate studies. the first project ithe studof the stabilization of bottom sediment polluted bcr and pin xiang river. mtask ito analyze the formof metaland determine their amountin sediment samples, bwhich i developed the skillof total amount analysiand understanding of the testing procedureof leaching toxicity. the second project ithe studof the effectof exogenoucd on the red soil urease, which wacomplicated and difficult and i onltook charge of preparing agentfor professorand analyzing data. nevertheless, i still improved abilitieof processing and analyzing data. in addition i also carried out mown experimental project, which aimat detecting the environmental effectof the solar battery, to participate in the nationwide challenge cup competition. in the paper, i investigated the economic benefitbrought forward bsolar batterieand how thewill positivelinfluence our environment.

i believe that purdue universitithe best place for me to further madvanced degrees. i am especiallattracted to the research conducted at purdue, namelthe influence of organic compoundon the transportation of heavmetal in soilresearch bprofessorschwab, zhu, banks. i am confident that joining such research group consisted of expert facultwill best build upon mundergraduate experience and extend mresearch abilities. besides, i am interested in learning more on phytoremediation and bioremediation, the strength of purdue, which ianother reason whpurdue imdream school.